MAPC to Host Picnic during Fleet Week!

MAPC is inviting our family, friends and colleagues to watch the Blue Angels fly over Baltimore during Fleet Week this year from MAPC’s facility. Overlooking the harbor, MAPC has a front row view of the Navy’s Blue Angel jet planes. During the weekend, the Navy will be officially Commissioning the DDG 1000- a new Destroyer class naval ship. MAPC has engineered three systems on the DDG 1000 out of our Maine Office.

AnniversaryInvite When: October 15-16, 2016
Time: 1p.m. to 4p.m.
BYOP: Bring your Own Picnic and Chairs!
Please join us by RSVPing to Elizabeth Hines:

MAPC mentioned in Forbes for work on Tetrahedron Super Yacht

MAPC’s work on Schwinge’s Tetrahedron Super Yacht was recently mentioned in an article in Forbes Magazine. Since then, the article has been picked up by many news outlets. MAPC is proud to have three naval architects on staff with over 50 combined years of maritime engineering and design experience. 04-Schwinge

HYSWAS stands for “Hydrofoil Small Waterplane Area Ship.” The HYSWAS combines dynamic lift and buoyancy which provides high endurance and excellent rough water motions and speed. MAPC has designed and built both HYSWAS and hydrofoils over its 30 year company history. Here’s a great little video from MAPC’s quest demonstrator project.


Here is a photo of our Quest demonstrator project that was mentioned in the article. We’ve come a long way, baby! Quest

MAPC to Participate in International Partnering Forum and Live Demonstrations

September 10, 2015: MAPC will be participating in live demonstrations of the GARC as part of a series of off-shore wind conference activities at the end of September. MAPC has partnered with IP Subsea to market an unmanned surface vehicle to the off-shore wind community for undersea cable monitoring.

The Business Network for Off-Shore Wind will be hosting an International Partnering Forum on September 27-28, 2015 as a lead-up to the AWEA Conference in Baltimore, Maryland September 29-30.

For more information about the International Partnering Forum, please click here! There will be live demonstrations are part of the Forum. However, the demonstrations will be held on the Pier and available to view regardless if people have registered for the Forum or not. Technologies include a range of marine applications developed for off-shore and in-shore marine infrastructure projects. The schedule for the demonstrations and more details can be found at

“Maryland Now Has the Wind in its Sails”

An blog post by Val Stori published September 3, 2015 in Renewable Energy World states:
“Maryland’s proactive efforts in building European partnerships, establishing a domestic supply chain, and passing enabling legislation seem to be paying off. With the recent federal sale of a wind lease area to US Wind Inc., to develop a major project in the Wind Energy Area off the Maryland coast, Maryland now has the wind in its sails to develop one of the first U.S. commercial-sized offshore wind projects.”

Read the blog post here:

MAPC’s GARC boat featured in GQ Magazine by Kelly Slater

_MG_4869-79If there’s anyone who understands waves and the importance of having a stable craft in high sea states, it’s Kelly Slater, crowned ASP World Tour Champion a record 11 times. He is the youngest and the oldest to win the ASP World title. Interviewed in GQ Magazine, Slater outlines 10 essential things he can’t live without and #1 is the original GARC boat designed by George Greenough in Australia. Here is a link to the article.

Kelly Slater’s Got an Incredible Shark Boat