Introducing MAPC’s newest product line: the GARC (Greenough Advanced Rescue Craft). Already mission-tested in 30 foot waves in Kadena, Japan, the GARC jet boat is ready to serve in the toughest sea-states and extreme weather conditions.

The GARC is not just a boat: it is a multi-mission family of boats ready to meet your fleet’s search and rescue craft needs.

  • Manned or Unmanned
  • USG Certified for Airdrops
  • Gas or Diesel
  • Remote Weapon Station
  • Sonar
  • Weber or Mercury Engines
Shallow rivers to hurricane conditions on the open ocean: The GARC boat can plane in 11 inches of water and can maneuver through 15-30 ft waves.
Speed: 50+ knots
Hull: Made from composite with a Kevlar belt
Warm water hose to prevent hypothermia
Range: 161n/mi
Payload: 800lbs

Brochures on the GARC:

GARC Specifications Sheet

Optionally Manned

Mission Tested

GARCs and Spare Parts and Trainings available on the GSA schedule (GA-21-1-004)

Search and Rescue GARC

See MAPC’s GARC Specifications Sheet for more details.